Bringing people together to help those in need

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The Knit Collective is a New York City based initiative building community around our shared love of knitting and our desire to help those in need.

We create and collect simple knitted items, like hats, scarves and blankets.

Partnering with established non-profit organizations, we ensure our donations are delivered safely into the hands of recipients. 

Current project

We are knitting for Knit Aid, a UK based organization set up in response to the refugee crisis in Europe.

Knit Aid will distribute our knitted donations to people living in refugee camps in France, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.  


Get involved

  1. Visit Knit Aid for guidelines on what to make and download a postcard to send a handwritten message
  2. Knit with us at one of our regular meetups or send us your donations
  3. Follow us @knitcollective and share your progress using #theknitcollective #knitwithus

If you're sending us your donations, please contact us for postage details.


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We meet regularly in NYC to work on our projects. 

Everyone is welcome, new and experienced - let's knit together for a good cause and have fun doing it!

 Join The Knit Collective on Meetup or follow us on Instagram to get the latest event details.